Thursday, December 9, 2010


Today was day 4 since I’ve been
admitted. I woke up feeling ok, they woke me up at 4am to give me my second
dose of the steroids’ and I went back to sleep. I woke up a few hours later to
a nurse asking to take my vitals. My blood pressure was still 143/75 not even
with all the meds they were giving me, today was my 4th day on them
and nothing. My doc came in around 8:30 am to do rounds and he prohibited me to
shower, to eat any salt and that I was going to stay until delivery. I told
myself that I was confident and that I could wait here another 4 weeks to have
him at 32 weeks which was our goal. I was still spilling a lot of protein which
didn’t ease my worries at all. I remember eating breakfast, and having a
conversation with Louis. We had decided that Mason Maxwell was it; at this
point we knew he could come anytime and we did not want to be unprepared. Louis
had been staying with me the last 4 days and he wanted to go home and shower
and take some time to play guitar. I don’t know why I felt scared of him
leaving, like something would happen as soon as he left, but he took the
opportunity because I was going to have visit soon. I got a text from 2 good
friends that wanted to come by and pay me a visit. I remember they came as soon
as my lunch came. Louis took off as soon as Adi and Connie arrived. He said he wouldn’t
be long and I clearly remember asking him for pinkberry, I had been craving it
and I remember telling the nurse if it was ok and she said yes. After all
yogurt wasn’t rich in sodium. I remember my blood pressure being ok around that
time. They were there about an hour and a half they probably arrived at around
1 ish, we talked and joked around as I ate my lunch. I remember as I was
sitting there I started getting cramps, I thought oh no I have visitors and for
once in the last 2 days I have to use the restroom. To think about it those
might have been contractions and I didn’t even know it. I didn’t say anything
and tried to brush it off. Around 2ish they left because Connie was going to
drop Adi off I don’t recall where. As soon as they left I got up and went to
the restroom. When I was done and I wiped I saw bright red blood, Alarmed I
rang my nurse, she told me it was fine and that I should put a pad on. After
putting the pad on I sat on my bed and called Louis, I told him I was bleeding
and he told me that if the nurse wasn’t worried he wasn’t going to worry. I
then got up and felt a big gush…I looked and it was blood….I rang my nurse
again but the nurse up front told me she was busy with another patient and she
would get back to me. I sat down trying to keep what was coming out in. I
called Louis again and I was unsuccessful. I called my mom and I told her I was
freaking out because I was gushing blood now, this whole time I was contracting
and did not even feel it. I told her to get a hold of Louis so she called the
house but he was in the shower. I told her I needed him to come IMMIDIETLY. I
kept calling him at this point until he answered all pissed off. I told him
what was happening but since the nurse hadn’t been in yet I didn’t know exactly
what was going to happen. He told me to not call him unless I knew he was
coming. The nurse then came in and she told me I was fine and that I should
just lay down and she was going to monitor him. I kept texting Louis to come so
I guess he finally got the hint and headed my way. I got up and loads and loads
of blood came out. I don’t know why I said my water broke, I called Louis and
he was aggravated and I told him “my water broke” So he told me he was rushing
over there. I rang my nurse and told her and she told me I had probably
ruptured. I stood there in a pool of blood for what seemed like an hr. I was
soaked in it all my shoes my whole pajamas and my socks. When the nurse walked
in she was like….”oh no hunny” So I freaked and at that moment Louis walked in,
I remember her telling him “Don’t freak out!!” and he just looked at me. All of
a sudden like 5 nurses came in and an anesthesiologist, my doctor was already
on his way. I got a new IV in because I was due for a change and before I knew
it I was on the way to the delivery room. I remember Dr. Lu telling me he left
his kids in the lobby for his wife to pick up because he had just picked them
up from practice. They gave Louis his gown and all I remember him saying was”We
are going to have a baby” So many thoughts went through my head, Will he be ok?
How big will he be? Will he survive birth? I hardly had enough time to think...I
had no clue what a NICU was at this point. I went into the delivery room it was
around 3 now it had only been about an hour after my friends left and I was
already on the operating table. I got in and they put in a catheter and the anesthesiologist
came in. He did the spinal and in what seemed like 2 mins I was already being
sliced open, they told me things were going to go quick as we did not have a lot
of time.
They cut me open and I felt a sort of paper cut feeling…or like when
you cut your finger with something. I started feeling tugging, mind you that I
had eaten about an hr prior to this. My stomach felt turned and I felt like throwing
up. Louis came in at that point, I told him I felt like throwing up and he told
me to focus on something else, The radio was on and that’s when Halo came on
and I focused on that…On the words I kept thinking “I got my angel now”. Louis
was standing so he saw the doc playing with my placenta and he saw as they took
Mason away. He told me “he’s here babe” I remember starting to feel shaky.
Before I knew it they were sowing me up and I had not seen my baby. I got
wheeled back to my room, at this point I was shakier…I couldn’t control it so
they put a big warm blanket on me. Louis wasn’t around for like the first 15
min, He then came in with a picture of him. Mason was here, He was born at
exactly 3:25 (me and Louis’ anniversary) He was 1 lb and 14 oz exactly 850
grams and he was 13 ¾ IN. He was 28 weeks and 3 days.  He looked really harry but they told me it was
all the laguno. I didn’t get to see him though. At that point the doctor came
in there was quite a few people in the room when she told me something was
wrong with Mason. This whole time Louis had told me everything was fine and he
looked great, that he was kicking all over the place. She proceeded to tell us
he had been born with an anomaly, An Imperforate anus, she told us he was born
without an opening. My husband immediately thought it was because he had been
premature and maybe he didn’t have enough time to develop him but she assures
him that it wasn’t and that it was nothing to be alarmed over because it was an
easy fix. She then left and so many thoughts went through my head, why would
that happen, that’s so weird. I then got some visitors Louis’ family and mine of
course rushed over as well as my close friends. They then came in and told me
they were going to have to transfer him because my insurance didn’t cover the
NICU there. And also because he needed a 3 level NICU. I begged them to let me
see my baby before left, they told me they would try but they couldn’t assure
anything. A few minutes later they told me they were going to bring him in. I
remember feeling nervous, a nervous feeling where my stomach tingled, I was so
anxious to meet the little guy that had been kicking me all these months, the
little guy had been anxiously awaiting MY BABY. They finally brought him in, it
was love at first sight, I remember being kind of out of it because of the meds
but I remember he didn’t let go of my finger the whole time. He was only with
me for about 10 mins before they whisked him off. I remember they made me sign
papers for transportation incase he didn’t make it. I knew this was the best
for Mason so I signed. Louis told me he was going to go over to make sure
everything went well so him my parents and his fam went down to Millers with
Mason. I remember crying and getting my pain meds and falling asleep. Today is
Dec 9 and Mason was born.


Cassie Beserra said...

You are an amazing mother.

We have talked about your birth story before, but to read it is simply amazing. To read what Mason, Louis and yourself went through day by day is going to be simply amazing to read the complete story of Mason's life.

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