Monday, December 20, 2010


Today I was really excited to get to the NICU because Mason was going to take his first picture with Santa, My mom and my dad came along. Louis had work so he obviously missed an event that was really important to me. I was bothered but I made the best of it, I and his grandparents would be there for his first and only picture with Santa. When I got in they informed me that Mason’s room was going to be the first to be photographed. At around 11am Santa and a representative from the March of dimes came in and gave me a little hand knit Christmas hat. It was the tiniest thing I had ever seen and it amazingly fit perfectly and the best thing of all is we got to keep them. As you remember Mason wasn't tolerating touch much so opening his issolette and putting a hat on him and moving him around was going to be a little difficult. I remember seeing the little girl next to mason she was a lot smaller around 1lb and 5 oz but she was doing so great she was on a CPAP machine so her parents picked her up and put her inside a stocking and photographed her. It was a really beautiful picture. Unfortunately since Mason was intubated we couldn't move him as easily, especially since he was on the JET vent. Either way I was determined to get a good picture, they took some pictures of him alone and then they took one of me my dad and him and me my mom and him. He tolerated it pretty well which made it so much better. I was scared I would agitate him for trying to take a picture. I will cherish that Santa hat as well as those pictures and my memories forever. I feel so blessed to have witnessed this day. And that God allowed me to get some pictures of my baby around his first Christmas. Today is Dec 20 and Mason took his first and only last picture with Santa.


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Awww Beautiful pics! Looks how handsome he is in his hat! <3

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