Friday, December 17, 2010


Today when I got in the nurse told me the doctor wanted to put an arterial line on Mason. It would be a catheter that would run from his leg to one of the main veins that goes to his heart. This was a more stable line that can last longer and provide all the medications and nutrients Mason required. It was also an easier way to get more accurate blood gases without having to stick him so much.  He was still on the Jet ventilator but since this machine made so much noise they had made ear muffs for him and tied em around. The nurse told me it was to avoid any ear drum damage. I thought it was pretty loud in their so I thought it was a good idea that he could hear less of that noise so he can rest better. When I got in and signed In I saw a sign from the march of dimes that said Santa was going to come visit the babies in the NICU and our babies can get their first picture with Santa. Of course I immediately signed Mason up for it, I was ecstatic to get a picture of him with Santa. Mason wasn’t doing so well and we were doing minimal touching. We just wanted him to rest comfortably, and we avoided bugging him as less as possible. I had taken Mason some blankets to put in his incubator; I also bought him his first frog lovey. I slept with it the night before I took it to him and now he sleeps with it forever in his little bed. That Froggy would stay by his side through his whole life. They did a head ultrasound in the morning and the doctor came in to tell me they had found a 1 grade bleed in his brain. I freaked out but he assured me that it was a small bleed and would most likely resolve itself. He told me there was nothing they could do about it. He also informed me that he was going to start Mason on a blood pressure medication called soluf cortef, this medication was known to cause miracles with blood pressure so I was excited to see the results. Mason was still on a lot of sedatives, at this point he was so sedated that he wasn’t breathing much on his own which is what they wanted. They didn’t want him to fight the machine because that had been what was causing his bad blood gases and metabolic acidosis, he would hyperventilate which would make his CO2 levels raise like crazy! His urine output had decreased a little but he was put on diuretics to increase it which was helping a lot. They decided to put him on a dose he was on Q12 of lasix. They discontinued his antibiotics since his last cultures were all negative. Mason slept my whole visit which I did not mind. I just wanted him to be as comfortable as possible. Today is Dec 17 and Mason was hanging in there. 



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