Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Me and Louis woke up and got ready. We kind of had built a routine of what we did the days he had off. We would wake up get ready go eat breakfast then head over to Millers. We got to the NICU we scrubbed and went over to go see Mason. I wasn’t surprised that he still had his Santa hat on, I told the nurse to pass it on that I wanted them to keep it on..It was really soft and he seemed comfortable with it instead of the regular hats which were very big on him. The nurse agreed and said she would pass it on. She informed me that they had gone down on his pressers, they had turned off the Epi and they were weaning accordingly on the Dopamine. I remember telling Louis, The new medication he’s on is really working miracles. Here was my baby almost dying and they were already giving him all they could give him and this one medication took the job of 2 and was doing a wonderful job not to mention this was a dose medication and the pressers were continously.He went from 18 mcg to 11 in 1 day and for Mason that was almost impossible.  I couldn’t wait for Mason to spend his first Christmas with us. Although he wasn’t home I was so grateful to have him. Things were looking better Mason was tolerating a little more touch so I would put my hand over his head and leave it there for hours. While I was there they came in to do a follow up head ultrasound which still showed a possible grade 1 bleed. The doctor just told me would do a follow up the next day. They also told me they would do a follow up echo in a week. I don’t know why but I really liked when doctors told me plans they had for a week ahead because they were confident Mason would be with us another week to make plans. Mason held my hand most of our visit. I was continuing to pump ever 6 hours despite the fact that Mason was not eating; I was starting to get a little discouraged. I didn’t feel like I was wasting my time because I knew how important this was to Mason but I couldn’t help but think what if he never gets this and I am working so hard for it  But I continued anyways,because the doctor told me that as soon as he was off pressers he would start trying feeds. As of now he was receiving TPN and lipids which were helping him put on a little weight, He was still really skinny. I felt like it was going to take forever for him to get to a real size baby or at least 6 lbs, But then again I still had 2 months and a half till my due date. Mason was supposed to be born in March, but he was now the only family member with a birthday in Dec other than my big sister who passed away as a baby. My baby is 2 weeks old today, Its Dec 22 and Mason is 30 weeks Gestation.


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