Sunday, December 26, 2010


It was now Christmas Eve, My first and only Charismas Eve as a mother. And just as any mother I woke up worried for my baby’s life. I called for an update and started wrapping my gifts. I have always been the type to leave all Christmas things for the last minute and I always wrap presents on Christmas Eve. I helped my mom with some of the food. Christmas was always held at my moms, my whole family comes down on Christmas Eve and we have Dinner and presents at my house. I did everything I had to do at home and I told myself I would go spend some time with my son. Louis was working and we had dinner at both mine and his house so my day was tight. When I went in his nurse told me they had weighed him the night before and he had gained half an oz. That was huge for me as Mason had been having only gram increases and for it to go to a half oz was a big step for me. She also told me they tried going down on the dopamine to 7mcg but that they had increased it back to 8 due to his LE BP decreasing a little. I also noticed that on all his records they started putting Mason as oppose to only "Baby Boy Morales" I loved that. I also loved that they planned his next US for weeks in advanced it was planned for sometime in Jan. I wasn’t even thinking about January and he already had things planned for it. He was still on the Jet and still very sedated. They weren’t going to wean on sedation until he got of the high frequency went and I felt like that might take forever. They did tell me that his Urologist gave him the OK to eat so now it was all up to Cardiology!!!! that was the best Christmas gift I could have ever gotten...I knew Cardiology had said that as long as the Urologist gave the ok it was fine with them as long as he was off all pressers and we were getting there. When the NICU resident told me that my baby would probably not eat for months I believed him and then I realized those doctors COULD and WERE wrong and Mason could probably eat any day. Everything was coming along...Slowly but surely. With minor setbacks here and there but we were being totally patient. Today was Christmas Eve and Mason was fighting for life!


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