Saturday, December 18, 2010


Today was another one of those days where we just sat and watched Mason. We were still doing minimal touching, as a matter of fact since he had a catheter and he was now stooling in his colostomy bag there was no need to actually touch Mason unless he needed a blood gas or something. The cardiologist told me they had done an Echocardiogram and that he still showed a large PDA which in Mason’s case was a good thing. He said he was going to keep holding off on feeds until Mason was more stable, at this point he described him as critically stable which didn’t make me feel so well. They went down on the PGE which is the medication to keep the PDA open, but if for some reason it started closing they would give him a higher dosage. They weren’t weighing him since they were hardly doing any touching. We did change his bedding really carefully so he now has his blankies underneath him. His CO2 had been a little high on his blood gases so they went up a little on the pressure on his vent. His blood pressure had been good all day. We wanted to keep his blood pressure mean above 29 which was the weeks in gestation he was, his corrected age was now 29 weeks 2 days and he was around 2lbs 5 oz. On average his BP was around 32 as you can see before but this was with the help of a lot of pressers. He was gaining some weight but a lot of excess retained fluid. Little by little he was looking more and more like a baby. I was so excited for the 20th to come so that my baby could get a picture with Mason. 


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