Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today when I went in the nurse told me they had done an assessment on Mason and had noticed that he had small thumbs, and the doctor had ordered a chromosome test. I had been reading online that some kids that are born with imperforate anuses sometimes also had some other chromosomal defects. And since we already knew he had a coarctation then there was no reason not to believe there could be an abnormality. They sent in the chromosome test, and I remember thinking please no, not something else. I could deal with what was brought to us but please God nothing new, nothing we hadn’t discussed before. I remember asking the nurse, is there a chance he could be mentally disabled or have Down syndrome? She told me he did have some characteristics which were the short thumbs but that only the chromosome testing could tell. I remember thinking he probably does have down syndrome, and I’m not sure why I got really angry. I guess I thought that all these problems he was having were all temporary and they would all eventually get fixed. But if he had Down syndrome he would have to live that way forever…I stared at him and I told myself, whatever he has we are dealing with it! And we will make the best of what we have. The test would take a week to come back, but I told myself that it didn’t matter the results weren’t as important as my babies health and things could be much worse. I also asked if the bleed in his brain could cause any brain damage and she told me that since it was only a grade 1 that more than likely it wouldn’t but that we would not know until he started hitting his milestones. The nurses at this point started realizing that I wanted to be involved in his full care. Mason wasn’t doing so well today but he wasn’t doing worst. Tomorrow he would get his first picture with Santa. Today is Dec 19 and I considered it to be a good day.  



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