Sunday, December 26, 2010


It was the day before Christmas Eve, and I couldn’t be more thankful. I had been having dreams of someone telling me I shouldn’t loose hope. I think it was because it was close to Christmas and I would see Angels everywhere. Not only till now do I realize how many Angels there is around Christmas time. Regardless of being recovering from surgery I took time out of my day to go buy some gifts for my family and a little gift for my boy. We got him a toy guitar that made noises, and some blankets and clothes. It was so cool to be able to shop for my already here baby, for a while I was dazed and just wanted to buy things for when he came home although that was such a long time away(never had I imagined he would never come home) I bought a lot of things that Christmas for Mason. Of course I couldn’t take them all to him as he had very minimal space in that room. I took him a Christmas book, Another Stocking and his grandma my husband’s mom took him his first "My first Christmas" Teddy. When I arrived his nurse told me they had gone down to 8mcg on the dopamine. This was a big thing for me as we were getting close to shutting the dopamine off. We were already off the Epi so once we were off Dopamine we would be off pressers and we could maybe start feeds. Feeds was a big thing for me, I felt that as soon as Mason got my milk he would just grow stronger, I just wanted him to eat so bad. Eating meant weight gain! And that was our priority; I just wanted Mason to get to the goal weight to get his little heart fixed. He was still on the jet vent but was making some progress. His blood gases had been ok throughout the day. He had been having some Desaturation spells so they put him on Caffeine. This would remind his brain to breath. I didn't like Desat's they scared the heck out of me at first. The machine would go off and they would immediately go in and touch your baby to startle him so he can breathe. They weren’t frequent spells but even then I was still scared. Mason was now stable enough to weigh again. To my surprise he was now 2lbs 7 oz. That was a big difference, but then again he had not been weighed in a few days. The nurse did tell me he would more than likely lose some with the Lasix he was scheduled to get. Today was Dec 23 and Mason is now officially 2 weeks old! 30 weeks corrected age!


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