Sunday, December 26, 2010


Today Was Masons first Christmas and although he wasn’t home we were still so thankful to have him. Me and Louis agreed to go see him early morning so that we could have the rest of the day to spend with family. We opened some gifts in the morning and my little sisters opened there "Santa" gifts. I noticed a HUGE truck under the tree, When I got closer I noticed it said to Mason from Santa. I knew my dad had gotten him the truck, we have that truck in the garage and my dad says it will always be Masons. After realizing Mason had something under the tree I just couldn’t help to think about next Christmas and how he would be here opening his gifts on Christmas morning. When we arrived his nurse told me about his weight. He had lost about 55 grams. She didn’t seem concerned and she told me the doctor wasn’t concerned either so I wasn’t going to worry. It was Christmas and I was going to have a good time with my son. Every time I went with Louis it was short visits because Louis was a busy guy. I wasn’t working or going to school so I had all the time in the world to be with my son. He wasn’t doing better but he wasn’t doing worst, but there was really no changes. We spent our time reading him a Christmas story but due to him being sedated he was asleep most of the time. He would also respond to stimulation and he would sometimes desat if we touched a lot so we only touched when we felt it was safe. I always kept my hand on his little head, I have small hands and his tiny head fit perfectly in my hand. I got him another lovie as well it was the only gift I could leave with him. I made sure to sleep with it the night before. I had fallen in love with this little human being; I loved him more than I ever thought I'd love someone. He was MY son, I created him and it was the best feeling in the world. This was the best Christmas and will continue to be the best Christmas of my life. My baby is 16 days old, today is Christmas and life could not be better. 



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