Sunday, January 9, 2011


Masons PDA started closing he received 3 boluses of Dopamine but it did not help so he was put on a drip once again. They did an echo that showed a very small PDA. They had already doubled his PGE but luckily there was still room to go up on it some more. It really sucked that I was back at work and the only little time I had with him he was super tired and just wanted to sleep. I was hating work at this point for taking the little time I had with my prince away. Although the 5th was a very challenging day we managed to get through it. They didn't put him on such a high dose of Dopamine which was great. They did do a chest X ray where they found pulmonary edema which is common on people with CHF. I had joined some groups online with parents with children with a Coarctation most of these kids developed it much older and none had any experience with a preemie baby this small having surgery, yet alone making it. The thought still haunted me, I knew he needed this but how could such a tiny baby go through open heart surgery. They say your heart is as big as your fist. Well his couldn’t have been any bigger than a grape. How can any doctor operate on that yet alone fix it. I put my faith in God and trusted that everything would be ok. I did know one thing; the doctor that would operate would have to convince me before he took my baby in and opened him up like that. Work was going ok; I was slowly getting use to routine again. Wake up at 7am head to work be there by 8am 8:15ish I would call Millers "Can I speak to the nurse taking care of baby boy Morales" would be something I would repeat 3 times a day before I went into to see him myself. I tried building a bonding relationship with every nurse, just so that I can persuade them to treat Mason a little kinder. I had seen some really fucked up nurses but luckily my baby was a critical baby so only more specialized nurses looked after him. He actually had his own nurse every shift while most other babies had 1 nurse for 2 babies. The 6th came around. And although it wasn’t the 9th yet he was now 4 weeks old!! Which was about a month? Mason had changed so much in the past month I couldn’t believe it. He was doing much better when I went in that night and he had one of the greatest nurses I had ever met. She made sure I was informed and was comfortable with all the info thrown at me, she made sure I did all his touch time i.e. change his diaper, clean his face off help with suctioning help with positioning help with weight. I loved her to peaces! We chatted and chatted and before I knew it I was leaving that place at around 1:30 am only because she was going out to lunch. She even took a picture of me and Mason and she offered this all on her own. I didn't want to leave because of how comfortable I felt. And that what I wanted to be able to go visit my baby with no restrictions. I was beginning to know him better than these nurses who would just have him for a 12 hr shift.He weighed in at 2lbs 13 oz today, we were getting close to 3lbs now!! Today was Jan 5 & 6 and we found us a night shift great nurse.


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