Thursday, January 27, 2011


The 15th was the first time daddy saw me carrying Mason. He was just as excited as I was. I would totally get excited and that is all I looked forward to all day. Work was going alright. Really looked forwards to the week ends to get to spend much more time with Mason. My mom and sister in law were preparing and planning for my baby shower!! it was exciting to be able to get more things for Mason but it was very uneasy thinking about getting everything together. My baby shower had always been planned for the end of january since my due date was March 1. we kinda figured he would come earlier...but never did we think this early!! My one month old baby was now 37 days old...33 weeks and 4 days gestation and 2lbs 14 oz!! 1260 grams we were getting pretty close to our 1800 gram goal till his surgery! I couldnt believe he was now almost a 3lb baby and I was now able to hold him! Today they changed his feedings to 3mL ever 3 hours! daddy took a bunch of pictures of us and even a video..a video that till this day breaks my aching heart.

 The week end was here and it was great! no work, nothing but me and my boy! he had a new nurse on saturday that was kind of scared of me holding Mason but I assured her that everything would be fine. I only got to hold him for an hour because he was having some desaturations which I didn't like so I decided to put him back quicker than before. I think it was the way they placed him on me that his tube was getting cut off so he wasnt getting enough oxygen. I loved when I got to hold him because he would just fall asleep so good. He was still tolerating all his feedings which was great! Sunday his hematocrit level was a little low and of course I started worrying about infection. Nocosomial infections had been setting us back more than enough that is why I tried keeping everything clean to try and avoid infection as much as possible. He ended up getting a transfussion that night but was doing good enough to have his 2nd shower by his 9 o clock touch time. I held him for like 30 minutes and then I put him back so we can shower him, I loved showering him beause i could only imagine how dirty he must feel. He would always fall right to sleep after showers so that was good. I knew he would have a good night. Everynight was the same routine, I hated saying goodbye...I would stare and stare for minutes on end saying goodbye to my precious boy thinking this could be the last time I see you. I loved him so much...It was back to work tommorow and a long week of work and NICU time with Mason. My schedule was so hectic I was always so exausted.

The week went off to be good I worked and Mason continued to go up on his feeds by the end of the week he was 3 lbs 5 oz! I just knew that by the end of the month he would be big enough to go through the surgery we had waited so long and patiently for. It was nerve wreking but I just wanted it to be over. I had yet to talk to a surgeon yet but the doctor told me it would be a cardiac surgeon from Millers and that he would probably be taken up to the PICU for it. He was now 44 days old by the time the 21st came along almost 35 weeks gestation. He was growing slowly but surely. His vent settings were getting lower but I knew they would only go back up by the time he went into surgery. Although I was terrified of him having open heart surgery I knew this is what he needed to survive. And it was a risk we would have to put in Gods hands.


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